LT. General (Retd) SP Shahid

3 Star General Pakistan

It is a general perception that our 1962 batch did fairly well after passing out from Petaro.  And this I say without discrediting other batches which too had shown their mettle. We take pride in saying that the first cadet who rose to the level of three 3 star General Pakistan, was from our batch.

Syed Pervez Shahid

I am referring to Syed Pervez Shahid, kit no 332, Ayub house, more familiar with the name of SP Shahid, and out of love and affection we would just call him SP.  He was a legendary figure. SP was jack of all and also master of all. As a person he was down to earth simple. Qualitatively he excelled practically in all fields, may it be studies, sports or any other social or curricular activity. His achievements are far too many. He was awarded Badge of Honour in Matriculation which was given to the best student in studies. 

SP Shahid

He was a Senior Under-Officer (SUO) or a head boy in last year of Intermediate Science.  In view of his overall excellent performance at Petaro, he was decorated with Stick of Honor, an award given to the best student of the year. The story does not end here.

PMA Pakistan Military Academy

He continued his quest for excellence in Pakistan Military Academy (PMA).  He was the first cadet in the history of PMA to be decorated with all the three prestigious awards namely, Sword of Honor (best cadet of the year), Norman Gold Medal (best cadet in academics) and President’s Gold Medal (for overall best performance). While in Pakistan Army, he held very important and sensitive positions and rose to the coveted rank of lieutenant General.  At the time of his retirement, he was Core Commander Bahawalpur

Sword of Honor

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