A window between worlds

A window between worlds

One day, I was walking through a park and I saw a tiny window between two trees. The window was an illusion, but it made me think about how art is like that—it’s not real, but it makes us feel better than reality does. In this section, we’ll talk about A window between worlds and how art can be used as therapy for women and children who have experienced domestic violence.


  • Women are the victims of domestic violence.
  • Women are the victims of rape.
  • Women are the victims of sexual assault.
  • Women are the victims of gender discrimination.
  • Women are the victims of gender bias.
  • Women are targets for harassment in all its forms, including verbal threats, cyberbullying and stalking.


As adults, we can sometimes forget that the world is full of magic. We may not see it or be able to interact with it, but the world is still magical. A child’s mind is a window between worlds – they can see this and take part in the magic. Children are also not afraid to ask questions or seek answers for things they don’t understand, which means they have the potential to become great scientists and thinkers one day!

Children are our future. As adults, we have an obligation to protect them so that they can grow up and become successful members of society – even if that means protecting them from us at times! It’s important for us as parents and guardians to make sure our children understand how amazing their lives actually are; after all, who knows what kind of possibilities await them?


Art is a way of coping with life. It can be used to express feelings, and it can be used as a form of therapy.

Domestic violence and a window between worlds

Domestic violence is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. If you or someone you love is experiencing domestic violence, there are places that can help support you.

Domestic violence can include physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse in a relationship. It may also include stalking and cyberstalking.

Abusers use physical force to gain power over their partners which often results in injuries such as bruises, cuts or broken bones for the victim and even death for some victims.

It’s important to remember that it’s never okay for one partner to be violent towards another because this behaviour goes against everything we believe in at Windows To The World: respect for one’s self and for others.”

One-dimensional window between worlds

One-dimensional window between worlds

A one-dimensional window between worlds is a window between worlds.

Two-dimensional window between worlds

A window between worlds is a space that exists in one dimension, but can be accessed from another.

The window between worlds is not an actual physical object. It does not exist as an object on its own. Rather, it is a gap between two separate spaces—a tear in the fabric of reality that allows you to see through into another dimension entirely.

Three-dimensional window between worlds

Three-dimensional (3D) windows are a good way to visualize the results of a two-dimensional (2D) window. However, they are harder to visualize than 2D windows. Three-dimensional (3D) windows can be used to visualize three-dimensional data, but this is not their main purpose.

Art is therapy.

Art is a way to express yourself. Art is a form of therapy that allows you to process your feelings and heal in a safe space. Art can be used as a coping mechanism, or as a way to vent your frustrations with the world around you. When we create art, we become one with our emotions, experiencing them fully for the first time on paper or canvas and then being able to move beyond them when we’re done creating.

When I was going through my own struggles with anxiety and depression, my art was always there for me—a window between worlds where I could escape from everything else going on around me and reflect on what was happening inside myself, too afraid or ashamed of what I saw most nights alone in bed at 3 am because sometimes even writing wasn’t enough anymore so why not try something new?

A window between worlds

In the world of window between worlds, a window between worlds is a place where the rules of one dimension do not apply to another. In this way, it is like a window into another dimension; you can see what’s on the other side, but you cannot interact with it.


The window between worlds is a place where we can be free of the constraints of life on earth. It’s a place where dreams are possible and imagination can run wild. It’s also a place where we can talk about what really matters in life, like art and domestic violence.

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