About The Author

Abdul Razzaq Bughio


There are always lessons to learn from the life stories of everyone as we all travel through our own unique circumstances and understand this world through our own unique perspective. He is a great story teller by nature and We always enjoy his company and love to listen his interesting life stories. Same natural flavor is the trade mark of his writing. You would love to continue reading his autobiography once you started.

Life Journey of Abdul Razzaq Bughio

This is an interesting story of a village dweller from a remote village of district Dadu named Boriri who reached to the rank of Director General in Port Qasim Authority Karachi. He visited many countries of the world during the course of his professional life and after retiring. You will find all these interesting details in his book. He elaborates beautifully the village life and how he used to enjoy the honey with fresh butter while still feeling the stings of honeybee that he incured while extracting that honey himself previous day.


At the same time you will find him maneuvering through corridors of power and corruption while still keeping his integrity and moral values high. His life has been a continuous source of inspiration for us. His favorite hobbies are listening to music, and playing scrabble. He has won national level scrambling competitions and now a days he is a regular scrabble player on line.

Surviving the life threatening diseases

Apart from surviving cancer and many other life threatening diseases, he has never complained about life and continue to enjoy every day of life to its fullest extent. His journey through life has a lot of lessons and reasons to smile for the readers of all ages

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