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How did I end up in Sindh University Engineering College?

How did I end up in Sindh university engineering college? I had never thought of pursuing my education in this college, and yet I was there as the luck would have it. In our final year at Petaro, we were given one-month free time for individual preparation for examinations.  My target was to maintain my superior position in the college and was continually doing revisions.  

Joint Study Sessions With Anti-Sleeping Pills

One day my friend Salahuddin Abbasi, kit no 442, from Ayub house, asked me for studying jointly.  Although I showed my reluctance to agree with him in the first place, but on his persistent pressure I accepted his proposal. We had to take anti-sleeping pills to keep us awake all night until sunrise, as this was the only way to continue my quest for being at the top. Besides studies, Salahuddin was a best company to be in. And this perfectly suited us as he was a good talker and I was a good listener. He wanted that the two of us join the same engineering college.  I told him that I had plans to go to engineering university in Lahore, which was the best place for engineering during those days and probably until now. 

Admission Session in Sindh University 2021

Salahuddin wanted to go to engineering college Jamshoro and insisted that I should be with him there. I couldn’t say no to my dear friend. And now this was the third occasion that I had to succumb to my friend’s desire in pursuit of my professional studies. I have mentioned about the earlier two occasions in the preceding chapter. Resultantly, we took admission in Sindh university engineering college Jamshoro, and we also became room partners in Sir Syed hostel, the one which was closest to the college.

Freedom From Petaro’s Strict Timetable

As we started off, I noted that this place was absolutely different from that of Petaro. Our daily schedule was minutely regulated in Petaro, from early morning until the time of going to bed, and no student could dare evade the prescribed timetable.  And here we were free birds and the entire time was at our disposal to the extent that even if we didn’t feel like attending the lecture in session, we could afford to do it. This sudden change from regulated and controlled timetable, to a total freedom coupled with my friend’s joyful activities, had its toll on me. I could never have thought of skipping a class, but now I was frolicking more than concentrating on my studies.  Such are the perils when strict confinement suddenly turns into total freedom.

Political Issues in Sindh University

An ethnic activists group spearheaded by Osman Kennedy, Nawab Muzaffar and Hafiz Mubarak, had created unrest by segregating inhabitants of Sindh on ethnic and lingual basis. They had unleashed the reign of terror particularly in Hyderabad. This unrest created insecurity among Sindhis and in order to quash ethnic movement by this splinter group, Sindhi speaking students raised their voice. This was the period of 1967, just a couple of months before I had joined engineering college. The country was run under the regime of martial law headed by General Ayub Khan.

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Rally by Sindhi Students

The provincial identity of Sindh was snatched during 1956 when the one unit was formed and this was another ticklish issue. To counter the ethnic movement of above-mentioned splinter group and also to protest against one unit, a rally was conducted by Sindhi students from Jamshoro to Hyderabad on 4th March 1967 which subsequently came to be known as a black day. This rally was intercepted midway at a place where we now have Rajputana hospital. The students were brutally beaten and about 200 of them were arrested by Masroor Ahsan, the then commissioner of Hyderabad, who was visibly supporting the splinter group. I have mentioned this story only to give a fair idea of what was happening in and around Hyderabad during those days.

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