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Amir Khan Movie 3 Idiots

Amir Khan Movie

Amir Khan is an Indian film actor famous for producing some nice art movies which carry a message for public at large. Here I will mention his movie 3 Idiots for an obvious reason. Three students get admitted in an engineering college and soon become friends. One of them is a genuine student who wants to pursue engineering because the subject of science and technology is his passion.  His other two friends are forcibly sent to engineering college by their parents against their own will. One of them is fond of wildlife photography wherein he has already made his name, and the other one has a knack for doing business. At the end of their course when the results are announced, the one who is a genuine engineering student grabs the top position, and the other two miserably fail.

Role of Amir Khan in 3 Idiots Movie

Amir Khan who plays the role of a genuine scientist in the movie 3 idiots, advises his friends to choose a career which synchronizes with their natural inbuilt talent.  And when they follow his advice, they carry name and fame in their respective disciplines. As the movie comes to an end, Amir Khan becomes a world-renowned scientist, his friend acclaims international fame in wildlife photography, and his other friend becomes a successful businessman. I have intentionally skipped the mention of India’s beauty queen Kareena Kapoor who plays a central role of heroine against Amir Khan. Although she is a heartthrob of many a man, and I am not an exception, her role is outside the ambit of my point which I want to make here.

Engineering College in 3 Idiots

My case may not exactly be similar to the two idiot friends of Amir Khan as portrayed in this movie, but to a greater degree I also wanted to be a doctor or at best, a general duty pilot. However, I landed in engineering college Jamshoro because I was disallowed by my parents to pursue the profession of my choice. Somewhere in the corner of my heart I did regret for not being a doctor or a pilot, but I was happy that I didn’t disobey my parents which gave strength to me that I had kept my parents happy at the cost of my own wishes. This college was affiliated with Sindh university during those days and later on it was upgraded and renamed as Mehran engineering university.

3 Idiots Movie Cast Amir Khan

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