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As you like it by William Shakespeare

Although a little out of context, but I find the famous poem of William Shakespeare worth mentioning here, to end this section which is also the end of my student life, the best part of my life. William Shakespeare wrote a famous poem titled As you like it, in which he beautifully described seven stages of life.

This poem was part of our textbooks in class ten (Cambridge “O” level). This was taught to us in Petaro by Syed Shaida Azeem, who had the art of expressing poetry, and I will not be exaggerating if I say that even Shakespeare couldn’t have explained it the way Azeem sahib did. Mr. Azeem spent one full lecture only to explain the title of poetry, “As you like it”. His words reverberate in my mind as he had explained this to us:

Explanation of William Shakespeare Poem As You Like It

life is too simple, and at the same time life is too complex. And it all depends on each individual to create the definition of his life in his own way. No two persons will have the same perception of life, and it will vary depending on how he understands the meaning of life. Shakespeare knew it very well and so he opted to name the title of poetry to the reader, to enable him to name it the way he looks at his life, and hence the title

My Reviews About William Shakespeare Poem

I had liked this poem then, and I like it till now, and I am reproducing it below as a token of appreciation of his poetry. And not to forget that I have now successfully reached to the last stage of life so very eloquently expressed by Shakespeare in this beautiful poem

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