Back To Qasim Port

It was almost about four years of my service in fish harbour authority. The project was progressing well. We had finished the design work. After completing the process of international tendering, an Italian company M/s Lodigiani was awarded the contract being the lowest bidder. And now when it was all set for the project to take off, Mr. Ashrafi was transferred and he resumed his new assignment as Administrator Karachi metropolitan corporation (KMC). Mr. Ghulam Hyder Abbasi was appointed as the managing director of fish harbour authority.  Mr. Ashrafi was like a fatherly figure to me and I had not only enjoyed working with him but had learnt many things from him. Somehow, I couldn’t develop same equation with Abbasi, and I thought that it was time to quit fish harbour. 

Simultaneously, there was a move in Port Qasim Authority (PQA) and they issued a letter to me to come back otherwise my lien in PQA will be forfeited. I informed fish harbour authority of my intention to be repatriated to PQA.  The management was not willing to relieve me. The Sindh minister for food and agriculture called me in his office and asked me to review my decision.

“Sir; let me go back to my parent department as they have asked for my repatriation.” I told the minister.

“But Mr. Bughio; this project is not finished yet. Due to your personal efforts, this project has progressed so very well. And if you leave us at this stage, it will be a great set-back for the project.”

“I can understand your anxiety sir! But after my requisition by PQA, I cannot continue on while retaining my lien with them. Besides, my future is with port Qasim which I cannot surrender.” I pleaded.

“You can have a better future here also. I assure you that I will soon promote you to the post of managing director, if you stay back.” The minister lured me.

I told the minister that as per laid out government procedure, it was not possible for him to promote me as promised by him. But at the same time, I told him not to worry about the project which had already taken off now and was bound to be completed. I also assured him that if he wanted my assistance, I would try and send someone from PQA to continue from where I had left. And I actually did this favour to them.

On my repatriation to PQA, I convinced Murad Ali Shah for this position. He had recently joined PQA and had done masters in civil engineering from United States. Murad Ali Shah was a thorough gentleman and a competent professional engineer. He was able to complete the project and after that he went to the States again for further studies. On his return from States, he joined politics which had been the main-stay of his family. His illustrious father Abdullah Shah was the chief minister of Sindh. And at the time of writing this portion of my life-story, he was holding the coveted position of Sindh chief minister.

I learnt a lot during my period in fish harbour authority.  Although it was a small organization as compared to PQA, but I was in-charge of my work and had all the liberty and all the responsibility of the project. Mr. Ashrafi had given me complete freedom and had exposed me to the top bureaucracy of the country and the international financiers of the project. This gave me confidence to deal with the top management on my own. It is true that I had to do all the work myself, as there was nobody to assist me. But the advantage that I derived was that I learnt all aspects of the project from its minutest details to complex situations that obstruct the execution of project. The experience gathered by me during my stint in fish harbour authority, helped me immensely in my professional work at port Qasim.

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