Petaro Gets Projector Like Bambino Cinema

Bambino Cinema Asif Zardari

One fine morning something unusual happened during college assembly.  Our Principal, Commander Feroze Shah appeared to be in a good mood.  After routine rituals of the assembly including recitation from holy Quran and national anthem, the Principal addressing the students said;

“Today I have good news for you.  The owner of Bambino cinema in Karachi, Mr. Hakim Ali Zardari, has approached me. His son had applied for admission in the college. As a gesture of goodwill, he has offered a gift of cinema projector to the college which is similar to the one installed in Bambino cinema which is considered as the best projector. Before accepting this generous gift, I wanted to have your consent on it. And so, boys; what do you say?”

There was uproar in the assembly.  We were all excited to hear this news, and in unison we all said “yes” to the proposal. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, kit no 991, Jinnah house, was admitted to the college with a bang and he became popular among students and teachers alike.  Surely it was a treat to watch films on that projector.  Some of the popular films of those days which we saw and which I can recall from memory were, Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, The fall of Roman Empire, starring Sophia Loren, Lawrence of Arabia, starring Omar Sharif and Anthony Quinn, and the list is endless.

Project Gifted from owner of Bambino Cinema Father of Asif Zardari

Asif Zardari was four years junior to me, and a classmate of my first cousin Nawaz Bughio, kit no 784, Latif house. My cousin told me that Asif Zardari was a friend of friends and very social, active and graceful person. He brought honours to cadet college Petaro by becoming the first Petarian to become the head of state and he remained the President of Pakistan for a complete tenure of five years. I never met him but those who have met him with reference to Petaro and being a fellow Petarian, they invariably say that he has great respect and regard for Petaro and Petarians alike. I may or may not endorse the acumen and political policies of Asif Zardari as a head of populist political party, but as a Petarian, we are a part of one family and we love each and every member of this family.

Project Gifted from owner of Bambino Cinema Father of Asif Zardari

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