Camp Lejeune Jail

Camp Lejeune Jail

The Camp Lejeune jail is a small installation. It’s located on the main base, in building 9095. There are male and female inmates held at the military jail. Inmates are allowed visitation rights . Phone calls from inmates are monitored are also monitored in this at the military base jail. You must have a valid ID to visit someone.

The Camp Lejeune jail

It consists of four barracks, one housing unit and one guard tower. The housing units are arranged in a “U” shape around the guard tower with three cell blocks that are located in the interior of the “U” shaped area. Each block has ten cells with an open day room at each end of each cell block where prisoners may congregate during recreation time or meals.

The two remaining structures on base are used for holding temporary prisoners prior to being shipped off base (to another facility) or as overflow housing if needed.

How many inmates it can house up?

In general, the Camp Lejeune jail can house up to 159 inmates. However, there are fewer than 200 inmates at the Camp Lejeune Military Base now.

The Camp Lejeune Military Base Jail is a federal prison that was built in 1943 on the shores of New River near Jacksonville, North Carolina. The base itself spans over 280 square miles and includes 2 million acres of land for training exercises and other activities related to its role as an amphibious assault training facility for Marines as well as other branches of service who use it as well.

There are male and female inmates

If you’re a man, it’s highly likely that you’ll be housed in the male area of the jail. The same goes for women—if you’re placed on base as an inmate, then you’ll most likely be sent to one of the separate sections that are reserved for females. This is because both men and women are segregated from each other, which makes sense because there are some things that members of each sex don’t need to see or hear about in order to maintain peace and harmony in their surroundings.

There are also visitation areas that have been set up for family members who wish to visit their loved ones at Camp Lejeune’s military jail facility. These areas are separated by gender; husbands will only be allowed access if they’re visiting their wives on base, while mothers can visit children who have been jailed here.

The MCB Camp Lejeune jail processes prisoners in and out of the facility daily.

MCB Camp Lejeune jail processes prisoners in and out of the facility daily. It is important to understand how this process works in order to know what to expect when you are being processed into the facility.

Inmates are processed into this jailaccording to a schedule. You will not be able to see your inmate until they have been processed (this may take several hours). If you have specific questions about where your inmate is located within MCB Camp Lejeune jail, please call us at 1-877-778-7873 or email us at [email protected]

Inmates are allowed visitation rights at the MCB Camp Lejeune jail.

Inmates here are allowed visitation rights. Visitors must be on an inmate’s approved list, and all visitors must have a valid ID to enter the facility. Visitation is by appointment only, and there are set days and times for each week that you can visit your loved one in jail.

Phone calls

At this jail, phone calls are monitored. This is done to ensure that you do not discuss your case or other inmates while on the phone. You are also forbidden from discussing the jail or military in any way, as this could be considered a security breach. In addition, you cannot discuss any crimes that you may have committed, even if they were unrelated to why you were arrested in the first place; this includes telling someone else what they can or cannot talk about while on their end of a phone call from inside.

Phone calls from inmates at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base Jail are monitored by guards and recorded for later review by officers who work there as well as military officials who oversee operations at this particular facility within North Carolina’s coastal region near Wilmington (Dare County).

You must have a valid ID to visit someone a

You will need to show a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.

  • You must be 18 years old or older to visit someone at the MCB Camp Lejeune jail.
  • You must be in good health and not intoxicated (for example, you cannot smell like alcohol).
  • You must be wearing appropriate clothing for visiting inmates (no shorts above your knees or sleeveless shirts).

Camp lejeune brig inmates

Camp Lejeune Brig is home to military inmates, both male and female. The jail also has a maximum-security wing where they house inmates accused of serious crimes, such as murder and rape.

To contact an inmate at Camp Lejeune Brig:

  • Call the camp lejeune brig inmate locator number at (910) 455-8400
  • Email your inmate via their email address on file with the jail
  • Call their direct phone number if you know it

Camp Lejeune crime

Camp Lejeune is known as a place where people can get into trouble. You can get in trouble here if you don’t know what you’re doing or how to behave. It’s important to know what not to do at camp Lejeune and how to avoid getting in trouble there.

If you are caught breaking the law, your punishment will depend on whether it was your first time or not, how severe the crime was, and whether there were any witnesses who saw it happen.

Visiting requires careful planning

Visiting an inmate at the Camp Lejeune military base jail requires careful planning. You’ll need to begin by finding out when and where to go, and how to get there. Next, make sure you bring proper identification with you—a valid driver’s license or passport will do. And finally, make sure that you have a list of what you’re going to talk about with your loved one!


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