Decision to quit OGDC

Civil Engineering Future

Over a period of three years of my service in OGDC, I developed a feeling that there was limited scope of civil engineering in OGDC, as we were basically service providers, while drillers and petroleum engineers had relatively more opportunities to ascend to higher positions. Besides, I was reminded of the golden principle that a period of three years was good enough to be elevated to higher post.

It just so happened that I saw an advertisement for vacancies of civil engineers in Port Qasim Authority (PQA). Viewed in professional terms, PQA was a perfect place for civil engineers, and secondly it was in the city of Karachi, and I wanted to get out of Islamabad as early as I could. I was called for interview which went well as I had an experience of three years in Karachi port whereas even the interviewers didn’t have that experience in the field of ports and harbors.

A month later, I received appointment letter from PQA. It was the end of year 1978 when I packed up and left Islamabad at the stroke of midnight on 31st December. With two days of travelling time and a bit of a rest, I reported for assumption of duty as executive engineer in PQA on 3rd January 1979.

Civil Engineering

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