Education in English Medium

On the academic side, my performance in the first three years up to matriculation was utterly poor. Till joining College, I had an enviable track record even though I had to frequently shift my schools.  But since these were Sindhi medium schools, it didn’t matter much to me. The situation was altogether different here

The medium of instruction was English. All subjects including mathematics, science, and the rest, were taught in English.  Although I was reasonably good in these subjects, I felt that I was not able to catch up because of language problem.  English language was so predominant that I wondered if they would teach Urdu and Sindhi languages, also in English. I would have picked up English language too, but my problem got complicated further when it was taught by Captain Russell, a retired British army officer. 

English spoken in British accent was too difficult for me to comprehend.  For assessment of performance of students, regular weekly, fortnightly and monthly tests were held. And the result was obvious.  I was invariably placed in the list of the last ten students.  I also noticed that students who had come from English medium schools, were doing better than those coming from Urdu or Sindhi medium schools.

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