European Economic Community Financed Project

European Economic Community

European countries were a big market for export of fish, prawns and shrimps from Pakistan.  The unhygienic conditions of Karachi fish harbour were however, a deterring factor. In order to improve fish handling standards, European Economic Community offered a grant of 12 million ECU European community unit in 1982. As it was a grant, it was not to be repaid to the financiers. Through this grant, government of Sindh initiated a project for rehabilitation and expansion of Karachi fish harbour.

European Economic Community was founded in 25th March 1957 in Rome, Itay. European Economic Community EEC was also called as common market, and the currency was Euro.

euro currency of Europe

Formation of European Union

European union was formed in 1993. Until then it was working under the style and title of European Economic Community.  Similarly, Euro came into the market as a new currency for trading after formation of European union. The earlier currency of ECU traded only as a currency on paper without its physical existence.

German Consulting Firm in Europe

A reputed German consulting firm, M/s Prof Dr Lackner, were appointed for master planning and designing of the project. I took charge of this project and requested Abdul Aziz Ashrafi to have the project area vacated which was ruthlessly encroached mainly by boat-builders. He had to face tremendous resistance from the encroachers who appeared to have strong backing by a powerful clique within fishermen cooperative society. In his efforts to remove encroachment, he appointed Badshah Khan, a notoriously famous gangster of the area. I was puzzled at Ashrafi’s decision and when I asked him about it, he told me an interesting story. 

Law and Order Situation

“I was deputy commissioner Sukkur. The law-and-order situation, was at its worst and was getting out of control. I had repeatedly instructed the SP (superintendent of police) to take strong measures so as to control crime rate, but to no avail. Mr. Bhutto was the prime minister of Pakistan who was obviously upset on hearing such complaints from locals of Sukkur area. He called me personally and directed me to take stringent measures to curb this menace. We tried everything but without any tangible progress.

Advice from a Servant

One day I was having an evening tea and was in pensive mood. An old servant of my house was observing all this. He asked me the reason for being restless and for being so worried about. I told him that in-spite of my instructions, the police were unable to control the situation and my top bosses were not happy with my performance. This man said that he had an idea worth a try. He advised me to call one of the top notorious gangsters and engage him as the in-charge of law and order, and tell him that if he was able to bring peace in the area, he will be rewarded financially and will also be appointed as a permanent government employee.

Result of Servant’s Advice

I looked at my servant curiously. Having tried all other options with no respite in crime, I took his advice and was amazed at the positive results. 

This gangster took round of the city with his chin high, and threatened all criminals whom he knew very well, to stop all nefarious activities or else be ready for consequences. He knew the dens of criminals of the area, and through his information, the police were able to nab the criminals, and in no time the ugly situation was averted and we took a sigh of relief.  I am trying the same formula here, and I have already noticed that it is working alright.”

And indeed, it was working all right as I could also see a remarkable improvement in removal of encroachments. We were interested in mangoes and not the mango trees or mango orchards. This story had a lesson for me. I learnt that good advice could come from anywhere irrespective of social status of a person. We think that people who are of no significance in our eyes, are too ordinary to be considered for advice.  But after hearing this story, I realized that no one, not even the intellectuals and genius, were sole proprietors of a God-gifted quality of wisdom.

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