Foreword | By Mirza Aslam Beg

General Mirza Aslam Beg

Foreword by General Mirza Aslam Beg

I have had the good fortune of knowing Abdul Razzaq Bughio for over two decades. Having the opportunity to write a foreword to his exceptional memoir, gives me profound satisfaction.  Reading this book has been like walking down memory lane with the author whose gift for story-telling is outstanding.  He narrates many life-experiences, some of which I have shared, with such clarity and vividness that one feels as if one were an eyewitness.  How anyone can recall events that occurred a long time ago so distinctly in so much detail, fills me with astonishment and admiration.

It is a lamentable reality that in many countries in the world, there is rampant corruption especially amongst those who are powerful in the state machinery.  In his professional career, Mr. Bughio held important positions in various organizations where he was surrounded by corrupt-to-the-core bureaucrats who disliked him intensely because he was scrupulously honest.  His life was a jihad in true senseof the word because he endured many trials and tribulations for the sake of his moral principles.  Neither temptations nor threats could affect his unswerving commitment to what he believed was the right in the sight of Allah. Despite the manifold obstructions that were put in his way to undermine his will to live according to his conscience, he remained resilient and steadfast in his beliefs and conduct.  The fact that even his enemies and critics grew to respect him testifies to his sterling qualities of heart, mind and spirit, his patience and forbearance, his dedication and determination, and his capable and compassionate leadership.

In the context of his considerateness, I recall a small episode, which I have never been able to forget.  Once I called him in January to find out about his well-being. From his voice I could feel that he was not at ease so I tried to find out if there was a problem.  I learnt that due to the cold weather he had asked his domestic servant Laloo to start the geyser.  When Laloo told him that under the geyser, a little bird had made its nest and was living there with its chicks, he was forbidden by my friend from going near the geyser until the birds had flown out.

Reflection on the narrative of Mr. Bughio’s life, makes it evident to me that his parents painstakingly instilled in him those cardinal human values which play a formative role in the development of one’s character. While his parents shaped his personality with great love and care, he also had outstanding teachers at cadet college Petaro who became his mentors and inspired him to actualize his capabilities in every sphere of life. When he became a parent, Mr. Bughio gave his children an excellent upbringing and a sound education so that they would become assets to their family and society.

Mr. Bughio is an avid player of scrabble and he has documented this well in this memoir.  I also like scrabble very much. I liken scrabble to real life in which one has to deal with things as they come. One pulls out seven tiles randomly from a bag and has to manage one’s game on what one gets.  The skill lies in balancing one’s rack on every move.  If one is skillful, one can win with bad tiles on one’s rack, while without the necessary expertise one can lose even with good tiles in hand.  Being successful in life, as in scrabble, one has to acquire expert knowledge and move forward mindfully. Scrabble also teaches one valuable life lessons. Since it requires intense concentration, it prevents frustration and other negative thoughts from entering one’s mind. It also teaches humility because sometimes novices can beat champions if they are stuck with a ‘Q’ without a ‘U’ at the end!

I have arranged hundreds of seminars in my life. It is my deep desire to arrange one for Mr. Bughio and ask him to talk on “How to own every day. Every Day.” May the Almighty bless my dear friend who has been a blessing to so many others.

Mirza Aslam Beg.

Who is Mirza Aslam Beg?

General Mirza Aslam Beg is Pakistan Army’s Former Chief Of Army Staff. He served as COAS of Pakistan from 1988 to 1991. His appointed as COAS was made after the death of General Zia ul Haq who was died as the result of air crash in 17 August 1988

foreword to Abdul Razzaq Bughio By  General Mirza Aslam Beg
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