Telecommunication Advancement

Global Village With The Help of Telecommunication Advancement

The advent of information technology has brought about a revolutionary change in our lifestyle. Whereas it has accelerated our pace of activities particularly in the field of telecommunication. It has also been instrumental in destroying our values, our culture, and our traditions, which used to be our source of pride. If we start counting the advantages of advancement in information technology, we find that it has brought the people closer to each other irrespective of distances. A person sitting in a country in north pole can talk to a person sitting anywhere in south pole. Not only can they have a chat for hours together without putting burden on their wallet, they can even have a videoconference physically seeing each other as if they were talking face to face.

Global Village

The world has become a global village and distances do not matter now. Only two decades ago no one could have imagined of it. Similarly, many things have faded out as a result of this change. We used to have post offices, letter boxes and postmen who used to travel long distances to deliver the dak. And we used to anxiously wait for the postman each day in the hope of receiving letters from our near and dear ones. Greeting cards were a major attraction.

Fancy Decorative Cards

Particularly on festive occasions the markets used to be flooded with fancy decorative cards to the extent that some cards were even adorned with aroma. All this excitement has vanished now. These cards and delivery system have been replaced by a new set of social media in the form of Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and the like. With the push of a button these cards can now be sent to multiple recipients without actually going through the hassle of purchasing and delivering these into postboxes. And these cards are now delivered the moment these are posted.

Diaries and Calendars

We used to write our memoirs in diaries which we would normally get as souvenirs along with fancy calendars at the start of each new year. Gone with the wind. All such things have been replaced by smart phones. Our job is made easy now but still we miss the attraction of these diaries and calendars.

My Grandparent’s Hajj

When my grandparents had gone to Saudi Arabia for haj pilgrimage in the year 1958, I still remember that the entire family used to wait for their letter so as to know about their wellbeing. A letter posted from Madina would take about a fortnight and by the time we would receive their letter, our grandparents would move to some other place. Nowadays one can perform haj within fifteen days counted from leaving his house to his return after completing all haj rituals, a time needed for a letter to travel from Madina to some remote place in the province of Sindh to which I belong.

Our generation born between nineteen forties and nineteen sixties, is the most fortunate one in a way that it has physically seen the transformation of this world from primitive system and traditions to the present-day, jet-speed world.

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