My Marriage – Happily Married

Happily Married

My Mothers Wish

I have just finished about telling a fairy tale of my friend Col. Dost Muhammad Chandio and his romantic story of marrying twice at an early stage when he was still a student and dependent on his parents.  My story is also not different from his story. I was still in the middle of my studies and in third year of engineering when my mother insisted to tie me into wedlock.

Initially Declined But Later Accepted

I politely declined that I still had to pursue my studies and that I had already played a lot in deciding about my professional career and so I should now pay serious attention to my studies. But my mother argued that I was their only child and it was her earnest desire to see her little family growing during her lifetime.  Besides, she assured me that they will financially look after me, my wife and my would-be children. She had also selected a bride for me within our family. 

Three Brothers Married three Sisters Same Day

My father had two brothers and they all lived together as a joint family which is a customary style of living particularly in rural areas of Sindh province. I am not sure what went into their minds because I was not there and I possibly couldn’t have been there, but as I have heard whispers in my family, all three brothers loved each other and it was their desire that all three of them marry from one family and bring home three sisters as their life partners, a difficult proposition indeed but not an impossible one. And they were lucky to find such combination as my would-be maternal grandfather was abundantly rich in having been blessed with daughters.  All three brothers married three sisters on the same day and thus all three of them were happy to have mates of their choice. 

Matrimonial Proposal

My father was the eldest of all brothers and I was the first child to have been born in consequence of this collective marriage, followed by my would-be wife born to the second eldest brother.  We grew together under one roof in the same house not knowing what the fate had written for us, but our families had wished it to happen that way, a kind of unwritten contract.  I was the only child of my parents and so my family wanted me to marry as soon as I reached the age of adolescence. My mother placed this matrimonial proposal to me when I was in third year of engineering and I didn’t even take a pause in accepting it.

Happily Married

Soon we were a happily married couple and nothing had changed as we continued to live in the same house under one roof. The only noticeable change was that I had to rush back home from college on every weekend and to facilitate my movement my father was gracious enough to buy me a motorbike.  To every advantage there are disadvantages also. As I was already hooked up since childhood, I didn’t have to search damsels around me, to play Romeo and Juliet, and to dream of them to be my life partners.  I missed this part of life which I reckon, must be having its own charm and appeal.

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