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One day my friend Asadullah who was playing host for me in Larkana, told me of some vacancies of civil and electrical engineers in KPT Karachi Port Trust, which were advertised in press and that I should apply for the kpt jobs.

“Asad dear; I am not interested in applying for this kpt jobs I am already frustrated and have been denied many jobs even inferior to this one and I am fed up with the recruitment system of appointing their favorites without considering any merit of deserving candidates. I am disappointed and hurt and I don’t want to go all the way to Karachi only to be told that I am not fit for that post. Many of my class mates have been given jobs and have been preferred over me who were not comparable with me by any standard of adjudication. It will be a waste of time for me.” I responded.

“There is no harm in trying again. Okay. Even if you are not interested in the job, go with me only to accompany me as a friend. Consider this as an outing and a trip for sight-seeing.” He pleaded.

Interview for KPT Karachi Port Trust Jobs

I reluctantly agreed with him but this time I went for interview for jobs without any preparation, and to my surprise the interview went so well that the chief engineer, Mr. Zafar Ahmad was highly impressed and told me during the interview that I should get ready to join KPT, and that I will soon receive my appointment order, something which I simply couldn’t believe.

Job without salary KPT Port

I stayed in Larkana for four months and designed their salinity drainage system for which I was not paid a single penny during service or even after that. But I don’t put entire blame on them, because I too didn’t persuade my case with them for issuance of my appointment order and release of my salary.  Anyway, I was happy to get a job in Karachi at last. I owe my thanks to Asadullah not only for persuading me to apply, but also for helping me out in arranging a residence for me in the old hutments known as intelligence school on new queens’ road, now Maulvi Tameezuddin Khan road.

NICVD National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital

A few months after I had joined KPT, my father-in-law had a severe heart attack. He was rushed to Karachi and admitted in NICVD National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital. My posting in Karachi helped my family to come and stay with me in my house and to look after my father-in-law. The cardiologist Dr. Abdul Haq Khan, responsible for treatment of my father-in-law, was a kind hearted man and the most sought-after doctor for his reputation of being highly skilled in his profession.

NICVD Doctors in Hospital

I would not be exaggerating if I say that he was a messiah in real sense, insofar as he would provide free service to those who were unable to pay. And one day his secretary told me to my astonishment that about two third of his patients were provided free consultancy services in hospital. And one can imagine that if top of the line service was available for free, he had a long queue of patients which would invariably make him sit till late in his clinic. I had never seen him going home before midnight.

East Wharf Karachi Port

I was posted in east wharf of Karachi Port on the project of reconstruction of berth numbers one to four, which included transit sheds and pavements of open areas. Mr. Rasool Bux Rahoo was also posted there. He was working as assistant engineer, and he was not promoted even after having put in ten years of service. He was also given similar assignments, and I used to watch him doing his jobs which helped me understand my professional work. This was a kind of an undeclared on-the-job training for me.

Karachi Port Trust KPT

Benefit of job location

My strategic job location also provided me an easy access to ships berthed alongside the quay. I happened to meet many master mariners who were with me in Petaro, and their ships used to load and unload cargo at Karachi Port. Altaf Shaikh, Captain Bashir Vistro and my classmate Captain Waseem, were frequent visitors.  I often used to meet them which apart from being social calls, had also enabled me to understand marine traffic, the type of cargo imported in Pakistan and the cargo exported from our country.

NICVD Hospital

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