Modesto Jail

Modesto Jail
Modesto Jail

The Modesto Jail is located at 2027 Dale Road, Modesto. The phone number to the county jail is (209) 557-5900. The address for the inmate search database is:


It is located at 1329 9th St., Modesto, CA 95350. Phone: 209-577-4040

We can be reached by phone at (209) 577-4040 or you can email us at [email protected]

Modesto County Jail

You can search for an inmate in the Modesto County Jail by using the inmate search feature. The inmate search tool allows you to find inmates by their name, booking number, or jail identification (ID). You can also find out if someone is currently housed in the facility.

The Modesto Jail has a phone number that you should call if you want to talk with someone about your loved one’s bail. The phone number for this facility is 209-525-5050. You may also use this phone number if there are any other questions regarding an inmate’s bail payment process or release date information.

What’s the jail population?

The jail has an average of 200 inmates per day, with a total of 1,800 people currently incarcerated. This number is much lower than other big counties in California.

Inmate Search

The Modesto County Jail Inmate Search provides information on current inmates, including:

  • A photo of the inmate
  • The date and county of arrest
  • The inmate’s height and weight, as well as other physical characteristics
  • Current charges against the inmate (if applicable)

Modesto jail booking

If you are looking to find the Modesto jail booking, you need to understand that most jails in California will have an inmate search and inmate roster on their website. This jail is no exception.

In order to find out whether or not someone has been arrested, you will need their first and last name, date of birth and/or social security number. If they have been arrested but have not yet been booked into the county jail (which happens very rarely), then there is a good chance that information won’t be available until they are booked at which time it becomes public record once again. There are also some jurisdictions that do not publicly post any information about their inmates online so if you don’t see what you’re looking for try searching for another jail near your location by clicking here: [insert link]


To make a call from the Modesto County Jail, you will need to follow the instructions given by your inmate. You can find more information on inmate phone policies below:

Inmate Phone Policy

The Modesto Jail has partnered with Global Tel-Link (GTL) to provide inmates with phone services at no cost to family members or friends. GTL has been providing correctional facilities with telephone systems for over 30 years and currently manages inmate calls in over 1000 jails across the country. GTL provides the safest, most secure solution available today for managing visitation communications between inmates and their loved ones on the outside. To speak with an inmate using our service please follow these simple steps:

  • Dial 1 888 346 8143 – This number is answered 24 hours a day 7 days per week. If you are calling locally, dial 209 952 0026 – This number is also answered 24 hours a day 7 days per week but may not be as fast as our toll free line.* When prompted enter whatever your inmate’s first name is followed by their last name (as it appears in jail records)* Next enter your five digit zip code followed by # (e.g., my zip code is 95396 so I would enter 95396#). If you do not know the correct zip code for this facility please just press *0 which will connect you directly to an operator who should be able to help!

Recent Arrests in Modesto Jail

The phone number for the Modesto jail booking is (209) 572-4242.

The inmate search is located at

You can also find information on booking fees and inmate bails in the county jail by visiting their website at

Booking fees and inmate bails in the county jail.

So, what’s next for you after booking? You’ll be assigned a case number and an inmate number. You’ll be asked to undress and will receive a new jumpsuit, which you must wear throughout your incarceration at Modesto Jail.

It also charges a $20-$60 booking fee, depending on whether or not you have money on your person when being booked into the jail. You’ll have to pay this fee before you’re released from jail—or before they assign bail to you.


It’s clear that the jail is an important part of the city of Modesto, serving a vital purpose for the community. That doesn’t mean it’s a shiny, happy utopia—far from it. It’s an imperfect place like any other, with a rough history and some deeply ingrained issues. But it has people in it who are trying hard to do what’s best for their community and make the world a better place.

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