Addition of a Son in my family


My first son

I was the only child of my parents. My mother had always felt that there should have been more children in our family. She had watched me growing eagerly with the hope to at least have her house adorned with grandchildren. And the moment I entered into my adulthood; my mother wanted me to marry at once.  I was still in the engineering college when she finally succeeded in tying me to wedlock.  But as the luck would have it, although I was also keen as much as my mother to have my offspring but perhaps our patience and perseverance had still to go through a fair amount of testing. We had to wait for twelve years to hear a baby crying in our house.

My first Son

Son After 12 Years

My return to Karachi and employment in Port Qasim Authority (PQA) appeared to be a good omen for me. It was the winter of 1980 when the gynecologist of my wife, Dr. Mrs. Maher-un-Nissa Abbasi told us that in her opinion, my wife might as well be in family way. And when she told me all this, I didn’t believe my ears and thought that whatever I was hearing, was nothing more than an illusion.

My first Son

She suggested the pregnancy test and to our utter joy and excitement, the test was positive. Our happiness knew no bounds to hear this news at a time when we had literally lost all hopes over these twelve long years. The first thing that I wanted to do was to tell my mother who at that time was at a remote place in Sindh province with my father who was posted there.

Adoption Center

Some Good News

During those days there were no mobile phones as we have them handy now. Even landline phones were not common. Although nationwide direct dialing system was introduced in some major cities in 1976, many remote places in length and breadth of country were still using the old age and outdated conventional system.  To talk to a person in such remote places was an uphill task and it was possible only through trunk call and a telephone operator would connect the two telephones for specific period of three to six minutes, unlike the present-day facilities when you can talk endlessly for hours together or even days together. The quality of sound was also very poor to the extent that one had to literally cry to reach out to the other end of phone, and the shrill of conversation would be sufficient enough to awaken the entire neighbourhood.

My first Son

Talking with my mother

On having been connected with my mother through phone, I told her:

“Ammi; I have a great news for you. I am going to be a father. My wife is in family-way and this has been confirmed through laboratory tests.”

I broke this exciting news to her and I had expected that she would express her extreme pleasure. Nothing of that sort happened.  I still thought that perhaps she either couldn’t understand me, or she couldn’t believe it. I repeated the news but this time very slowly so that she was able to grasp it.

My first Son

“Yes, my son. Thanks for your news which I am already aware of. Tell your wife to remain composed.  I will soon join you in about a week’s time”.

Giving good news to my parents

My mother thus responded.  I hung the phone. How did she say that she was already aware of it? This was a million-dollar question and a mystery for me. Her cool response devoid of carrying any shred of happiness was unbelievable for me. I didn’t disclose this to my wife but certainly I was disappointed at my mother’s reaction. After a week when I met her at the door, I found her expressionless again. I thought that she might be annoyed with me but I was wondering what possibly could be the reason for her anger. After a short while and after she met my wife, my mother came to my room, embraced me again but this time with her face glowing in happiness.

“Congratulations, my son. Allah has been kind to us and our prayers have been answered”, she said.  

Later on, I was told about the plan that was actually hatched by my mother and wife, and which was kept confidential from me. If I had known about this plan, which I will be narrating now, I would have disregarded it without even giving a second thought to it.

Plan to Adopt a Son

Saeed was a friend of mine. We were together in oil & gas development corporation. We had family relationship.  He was bestowed with a daughter and a son. My mother used to envy this little beautiful family and would often discuss with them of her desire for a similar family of her own son. Saeed wanted to restrict his family to just two kids and when he came to know that his wife was pregnant again, he and his wife decided that their child be adopted by us. His wife offered this proposal to my wife and my mother.

Adoption Center

Both of them readily accepted it as they were desperate and were already looking for such a proposition. The deal was done and was planned in a manner to send across a message as if it would be my own real child. It was under this very plan that the news was to be leaked about pregnancy of my wife, so that when the child was born, everybody will take it as my real child.

Miracle as finally my son was born

my first son

After hearing this plan, I could now make out as to why my mother was not too enthusiastic when I had told her on telephone, which she had thought that it was a part of drama actually authored and concocted by her. While my mother had her plans, the mother nature also had its plans. Who could have thought at that time that when Saeed and his family were extending this gracious offer to us, my wife too had already conceived a baby of her own? Such are the miracles done by Almighty Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful. A baby boy was born to Saeed and about a month after that, Sikandar Razzaq was born in our family on 10th November 1980.

My first Son

DHA Karachi Bike Stunts

Many years later, a grave tragedy struck in the family of Saeed. His elder son Tariq was literally managing family business and his marriage plans were drawn. The family was happy and just at the time when they were finalizing marriage details, Tariq had a motorbike accident which took his life. He was fond of doing motorbike stunts and one-wheeling in dha karachi. He and his team used to perform these stunts on holidays in the defence beach area DHA Karachi. One of such dha karachi daredevil stunts proved fatal and he succumbed to his injuries.

Bike Accident during stunt

The family which was preparing for gala celebrations suddenly went into mourning. Sometimes I wonder if his son number two had been adopted by us, a serious vacuum would have occurred in Saeed’s family and we would have felt the guilt of it. His son number two who was planned to be adopted by us, is now managing the entire family business. Man proposes and God disposes. And surely Allah is the best of all planners.

My first Son

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