Addition of My Son Farhan in My Family

We received happy news in our family.  I was bestowed by Allah with another son. Farhan Razzaq was born on 9th October 1986. Just as my first son Sikandar was born after twelve years of our marriage, we had to anxiously wait for another six years to have our second son. Life and death are in the hands of Allah and what He chooses to be our destiny, is something which best suits us, no matter at times we may not comprehend it in its true perspective.

During those days when I was fighting with cancer and would often meet my doctor, Salman Naseem Adil, who was specialist in cancerous diseases and he was also the head of hematology department in Agha Khan hospital. He curiously looked at the pale face of my wife and asked why was she so worried and so weak. And my wife said that she was not. He suggested for her blood test, and when he saw the results, he was astonished to observe that both of us had thalassemia minor.

“You should have got your blood samples tested before getting married. Both of you are having thalassemia minor, and so the chances are that either you will have no children, and if at all you happen to bear a child, in all probability that child will have thalassemia major, and the chances of survival would be remote.”

By the way, my elder son Sikandar was with us and was keenly listening to the doctor with a wide grin on his face.

“Doctor sahib; I have two grown-up sons with the grace of Allah. Both of them are healthy with no trace of thalassemia whether minor or major.”

It was quite difficult for the doctor to digest this news which he thought was not less than a miracle and something which he had seldom come across in his professional carrier. 

I told him out of humour that at the time of our marriage some forty years ago, this technology was either not available or was not known to people at large. And even if I knew this, I would still have preferred to marry my wife with whom I was in love from the day she was born, as she was my first cousin from both paternal and maternal sides. And of-course she was my first and last love. Whether my doctor was amused at my disclosure or not, but I kept wondering at the mercies and infinite blessings of Allah on me and my family. I also got my answer as to why I had to wait for twelve years for my first son. And then again, I had to wait for another six years for my next son.

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