Over a period of time, I gathered from Rasool Bux Rahu that he was not the only one waiting for his first promotion but there were scores of others. Mr. Shezad Tejani was in service for more than thirty years and he was about to retire on the same post of assistant engineer. Like anyone else I had the ambition to rise but after hearing such depressing stories, I made up my mind to quit KPT and look for another job.

OGDCL Stands for Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd

Oil & Gas Development Corporation

There is a famous saying which says that after three years of service, you should either “go up or go out” of the company, and that you can continue doing this till the age of forty to forty-five.  Beyond this age, try to settle down as per another saying, “rolling stone gathers no mass”. During those days I met one of our far relatives, Mr. Ghulam Hussain Paryani, who was a supreme court advocate and was also legal adviser to many companies including oil & gas development corporation OGDCL.

OGDC Share Price

Dr Shezad Chairman OGDC

He told me that the chairman of OGDCL, Dr Shezad Sadiq was an energetic and dynamic person. An expert in the field of petroleum engineering, he was in United States and had come here on the insistence of Mr Bhutto. This man was keen to form a good team of dedicated and ambitious professionals who could join him in his resolve for making Pakistan an oil producing country. I was introduced to Dr. Shezad Sadiq by Mr. Paryani.

OGDC Jobs Offer

OGDC Share Price

After our short discourse he offered a job to me which was apparently one stage ahead of my job in KPT, on double the salary and with prospects of a bright future optimistically linked to a possibility of oil discovery in the country in commercial quantity. I weighed my option of either continuing my service in KPT where I didn’t find any future, and the new job being offered to me in OGDCL, and finally I decided to join OGDC.


OGDC Share Price, Dr Shezad Tejani

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