Old haunted house

Old haunted house

This old haunted house is a scary place. It has strange noises, ghostlike figures, and other weird things happening inside and out.

A strange girl

  • The first time you see the girl, she is in a window. You are walking home from the store, and glance up at her as you pass by. She appears to be very young—perhaps no more than fourteen or fifteen years old—and is dressed all in white: a long white dress with puffy sleeves and little bows on them, almost like a wedding dress, but without any other adornments. Her hair is very blonde and long; it reaches down to her waist. She’s beautiful beyond anything you’ve ever seen before.*
  • The second time you see her old haunted house is when your friend invites you over for dinner at his house one night. You are sitting with him at the table eating when suddenly he says, “Didn’t those curtains used to be red?” You look up into their dining room window where there hangs two long windows drapes of red velvet—they’ve been replaced by two new ones that match each other exactly except they are both different shades of yellow-goldenrod (the same color as buttercups). Neither one matches anything else in their house either: not their chairs or tablecloths or even walls! When asked about this strange occurrence later on during dessert (a delicious chocolate cake), he says he doesn’t know why they changed them out but thinks maybe someone had told him once but then forgot about it afterwards.”

A tall man in old haunted house

The tall man is one of the most common ghosts you’ll encounter in a haunted house. He is always wearing a suit and tie, and nowhere else in the house will you find any clothes like that. He’s usually seen standing next to the bed or mirror, though sometimes he can be found on stairs or in other places.

It’s important to note that this has nothing to do with your height; rather, it refers to how tall this person appears when he stands next to you.

A little boy in a pool of water

The boy stood in a pool of water that he had been dropped into by whatever force was holding him. He wore a white shirt and pants, but was missing all of his fingers, legs and eyes. The boy looked up at me with his remaining eye (blinking) and said “Help me”. I tried to pull him out of the water but he kept sinking into it further. Then I heard footsteps coming from behind me so I turned around quickly to see who or what it was but there was no one there!

A white rabbit in old haunted house

A white rabbit is a symbol of innocence and purity. The color white has long been associated with good things, such as innocence and purity. The symbolism of this animal goes back to Greek mythology and the legend of Zeus turning Cilix into a rabbit in old haunted house to save him from being devoured by his mother’s jealous husband.

In some cultures, the rabbit is a symbol of fertility, rebirth, springtime and good luck; it’s also thought to have mystical powers in many cultures around the world (including China). In alchemy, which involves physical or spiritual transformation; magic; other esoteric practices; and astrology—white rabbits are believed to be connected with the moon

Strange noises at night

In addition to the strange occurrences, you can also expect to hear other noises throughout your stay. Here are some of the most common:

  • In the basement – A door slamming shut and footsteps heard walking on cement flooring
  • In the attic – The sound of a chair being dragged across a wooden floor and footsteps on carpeted flooring that stops abruptly
  • In the kitchen – The faint sound of children playing (though no one else is home)
  • In the living room – Heavy breathing against your ear, but when you turn around there’s no one there with you!

And if those aren’t enough already …

A dog with red eyes

You may have heard of a ghost dog that roams the halls of an old abandoned house. This is not just any old ghost dog, but one with red eyes.

The legend goes that if you see this creature, it’s because you’re about to die soon.

People who’ve seen this creature in old haunted house say that it has no fur and smells like chemicals. It also seems to float instead of run or walk like normal dogs do (and I’m sure everyone knows how hard it is to say things like “walked” and “ran” when talking about dogs!). Some people report seeing the beast with red eyes while others don’t mention them at all; some even claim the beast had blue or yellow-colored irises instead!

Some say that these dogs are actually demons in disguise trying to lure humans away from God so they can lead them all straight into hellfire—do YOU think this could be true? And if so…what would happen if someone invited one over for dinner?

No one is allowed inside the house or the basement.

The house is very old and scary looking. It’s on a hill in the forest, and it has a basement with many rooms. No one is allowed inside the house or the basement because they want to keep them safe from people who want to take things that aren’t theirs.

The old haunted house had many wierd things happening inside and out

The old haunted house was built in the 1700’s and has been abandoned for many years. It is located in a remote area, far from any other houses or buildings. The house is not in good condition and some of the windows are broken. Many strange things happen inside and out of the house every day.

Conclusion: old haunted house

the old haunted house was a very scary place. We were lucky to get out of there alive!

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