Love For Petaro

Petarians Life

Petarians Life

There is something about Petaro which cannot be explained in words and can only be felt. This name is like a family to us. There are some Petarians who studied there, their sons studied there and even their grandsons studied there. Time has passed so quickly.  When we peep into the past, it looks as if it was yesterday, but when we look at ourselves in the mirror and we look at our children and grandchildren, we realize that we have done our age. Time flies in a jiffy.

The love and affection for Petaro

The love and affection for Petaro can be gauged from the fact that even after passage of over fifty years, all those who were our classmates and who reside in Karachi, manage to arrange reunion at least twice or thrice in a year. And again, I will attribute the credit of uniting us to SP Shahid who was, and who still is the center of attraction and a force which keeps us united for all times to come. He personally calls everybody and makes sure that all of us attend the reunion. And when we meet, we actually go back to the era of sixties and become children again gossiping and frolicking as we used to do during college life.

Company of Youngsters

It is said that if you want to be young, try and be in the company of youngsters. But if this cannot be done, as youngsters may not like to intermix with the oldies, try to be in the company of those who were your friends in youth.  We are certainly following the second part, and we are always on the lookout for an occasion to revisit our era of youth and to be in the company of our classmates in Petaro. For us, Petaro is not just a name or a place; it is our first love, and an eternal on

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