Unplanned Things Happen in Life

Many things in life are not planned by us but are simply destined to happen that way. I had never thought about writing my life-story but one of my illustrious friends, Altaf Shaikh, dedicated his book to me.  In this book he also wrote a few lines about my life. We had studied together in cadet college Petaro where he had been senior to me by three years.  I was amazed by the way he described me in his travelogue-style narrative and the idea of writing my own story started brewing up in my mind.

Journey Through Time

Picking up threads from the write-up of Altaf Shaikh, I started writing about myself. As I peeped into my past, it looked to me as if I was resurrected and rejuvenated and was living in the golden era of bygone days. This was my journey through time. This journey fascinated me when I looked back at my early life in my village in its pristine form about half a century ago. I have tried to express what it was like, but I know that mere words are not sufficient to convey the inner richness and magic of village life.

As I think of milestones of my life, I am reminded of some cardinal beliefs that have been inculcated in me since childhood. These include respect for education and dignity of labour, which are both regarded as vital areas in Islam. Muslims are instructed to seek knowledge as enshrined in the basic principles of their religion. They are also exhorted that the wages of the labourer must be paid forthwith and much earlier than the sweat of labourer is dried up. I believe that any nation that follows these time-tested golden principles, is set to progress leaps and bounds.

Setting up of Port Qasim

I have described the background for setting up of port Qasim in some detail, as I was associated with it since its inception. Much of this information may be of interest to those who joined this prestigious and profitable organization at a later stage. I take this opportunity to thank all those who have been a part of the journey of my life. I consider them as an asset and treasure of my life without whom my personal journey would have been greatly impoverished.  If I were given another life and an option to choose my life-companions, I would ask the company of same friends, so as to start our journey afresh from where we had left off.


There was one more reason for writing my life-story. I wanted my children to know about their ancestors and their roots in case they were curious to know about their origin. I believe that it is very important to know one’s own history. In today’s world much has changed. Libraries are deserted since the invasion of modern-day gadgets of smart phones, smart televisions and social media. I wanted to leave my children and their descendants a book that would tell them about my life-journey as well as about our ancestors. I wish them all success and prosperity. And I wish the same for all those companions who made my life happier and more fulfilled.

And last but not the least, I am extremely grateful to my friends Mirza Aslam Beg, Tariq Pervez and Anwar Jamal Kidwai, who provided their expertise and their valuable tips in helping me and guiding me to write my story.


Abdul Razzaq Bughio,


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