Port Operation Through Private Sector

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Port Qasim was developed on landlord concept which envisaged all port operation activities to be undertaken through private com, and the centuries old conventional dock labour system was abolished, which had plagued cargo handling efficiency at Karachi port. While these four multipurpose berths were still in final stages of completion, the dock labour at Karachi port staged a protest rally as a result of which all operational activities came to a standstill. Lately this had been the hallmark of port efficiency and the port management was apparently clueless to address this menace.

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Bulk Cargo

Port Qasim was called upon to commence handling of bulk cargo in order to avert the crisis created by dock labor. One of the ships carrying bulk wheat was diverted to port Qasim which was efficiently handled through a cargo handling company, a new concept introduced for handling cargo through private sector. This unique experience was a pleasant surprise for port users.

Faster unloading companies

The unloading of wheat which would take almost about a month through conventional dock labour, was handled in a record time of about four days through cargo handling company using mechanical unloaders, conveyor belts and automatic bagging plants. Port Qasim subsequently handled couple of more wheat ships, and within a few months of coming into operation, the congestion of ships was removed and the waiting time of ships calling at the port came to almost zero.

Labour Unions in Pakistan

Although dock labour unions tried its best for utilizing their labour at the newly created port also, but their effort was resisted. The port users took a sigh of relief as they had found an alternative, and the dock labour unions got a tough message that the port activities can still go on even if they opted to send their protest calls for strikes.

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