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Professional Career Abdul Razzaq Bughio

My Aim!

From the very beginning I wanted to become a doctor.  There was a reason behind this ambition. My mother was a patient of hypertension and we used to visit her doctor quite frequently.  Whenever we would go to his clinic, we would find a long queue of patients.  The doctor was compassionate and I had a feeling that the patients were relieved of their pain and agony on account of love and affection with which he would treat each one of them. This aroused my ambition that when I grow up, I would do the same and become a source of comfort to others. I carried this ambition all along until I did my matriculation.

Admission in Petaro College

But there was no premedical option in the college during those days. I told my father to get me out of cadet college and send me to some other place where I could pursue my education for ultimately becoming a doctor. My father was not in favor of getting me out of college. He thought he had a genuine reason for that. Firstly, I had already suffered a lot due to frequent change of schools in my early days and secondly, I had finally been able to get into the best college where I had started showing results and it was not advisable now to change the college.

I insisted that it was a question of my life and that I would only be comfortable with the profession of medicine which I had been yearning all along. Nothing moved my father who was adamant on my continuation in the same college. As an obedient son I surrendered to the wishes of my parents but the fact of the matter is that I have repented all my life, on this decision which changed the course of my profession.

Chance to become a Pilot

It was for the first time that a delegation was sent to our college by Pakistan air-force for preselection of students as general duty pilots (GDP). Our Principal announced in the morning assembly that all those interested in GDP test should contact the PAF delegation.  I was already heartbroken for having been denied a chance of becoming a doctor, but this was yet another chance for me to become a pilot. The Indo-Pak 1965 war memories were fresh in our minds. Air Commodore M.M. Alam had emerged as a hero. He had created a record of destroying five fighter jets within a spate of less than a minute.  Five Hawker Hunters had entered into Pakistan territory and while flying low, were advancing in a formation for a massive attack.

Air Commodore M.M. Alam

Air Commodore M.M. Alam took off from Sargodha air base in his F86 Saber jet fighter much inferior to Hawker Hunter in specifications (it was like comparing a Suzuki with land cruiser), and in an air-to-air combat, he destroyed all five jet fighters. Besides this incidence, I also recalled my episode of Mauripur air base which rekindled my hope to become a pilot, and that all was not lost for me. This was a Godsent golden chance for me to be a pilot. 

Selection in ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board)

The selection test was tough by all standards comprising aptitude test, intelligence test and a few other tests to judge physical and mental agility of students.  While going through this screening process we were told that the boys passing these tests will have clear advantage of selection in ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board). And when the delegation announced the results, I was one of those chosen few, in pre-selection test. My happiness knew no bounds.

Letter To My Father

I wrote a letter (the only mode of communication in those days) to my father telling him the good news that I was selected by PAF delegation for GDP and that we will soon be called for ISSB test in which I stood a good chance to be selected. But all my happiness and excitement went down the drain on receipt of my father’s reply.

His letter was politely worded in which he applauded my selection owing to my ability to pass such screening test. But then he rejected the idea of me being a pilot, fighting all alone in an enemy territory with obvious risk of being hit by the enemy. He further wrote that being their only child my mother was not in favor of me selecting a hazardous profession. I made a lot of noise but finally I had to succumb to their desire.

Final Decision About My Profession

Both the above-mentioned family decisions had a very heavy impact on my life. But I was happy on one account. I had kept their wishes at the cost of my professional career. As staunch believer in God, it is my faith that our destiny is in the hands of God. Man proposes but God disposes.

Professional Career Abdul Razzaq Bughio

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