Release of Dr Afghan

As if the administration was waiting for my release from jail, the news went viral that the tribunal constituted under martial law to investigate and prosecute Dr. Afghan, was unable to find any trace of corruption or wrongdoing in which Dr. Afghan was allegedly implicated. This outcome of investigation may not have pleased the rulers but they had no choice but to honorably release Dr. Afghan of all charges and to release him from jail custody.

Students Protest

As the cause of action of students’ protest was eroded, there was no point of holding students in confinement, and they too were released and the sentence awarded by military court, was declared null and void as part of general amnesty. Dr. Afghan was restored to his position of Principal. Mission of students’ movement was accomplished.

The release of Dr. Afghan vindicated and proved his innocence that he was falsely implicated in flimsy and fabricated cases of corruption. And I was happy that I was part of the students’ movement which exposed the ulterior motives of the forces which were out to malign Dr. Afghan.

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