My Education in Focus

Officer Revenue Department Govt of Sindh

My father was an officer in revenue department, govt of Sindh. In the year 1960 he was posted as barrage mukhtiarkar in Mirpur Sakro, a small place in the district of Thatta. His assignments were mainly related to the issues pertaining to agricultural land in sindh govt. There he met Colonel Shah Muhammad, an officer of Pakistan army. In those days he was posted in Hyderabad. By virtue of his extraordinary services performed in uniform, he was allocated a piece of agricultural land in Mirpur Sakro.

Land Cultivation with Revenue in Sindh

An army officer didn’t know what to do and how to cultivate his land. He met my father to seek advice in this regard. My father explained him how to cultivate his land, introduced him to the progressive farmers of the area and advised him to actively interact with the farmers and follow the procedure adopted by them. Col. Shah Muhammad soon found the people of his choice and became integral part of agro-based society of the area. A noble man by character and down to earth simple personality, the people of the area were amazed to see a man in uniform and in authority and yet so simple and friendly.

Revenue From Cultivation

In a very short time, his barren land turned into green fertile land and he started earning revenue out of it. Agriculture had now become his passion and additional source of earning. He developed a small farmhouse in his land. This place was at a distance of about sixty to seventy kilometers from Hyderabad. On weekends he would occasionally take his family and drive out to his farmhouse, stay there for a couple of hours, have lunch and return to Hyderabad in the evening. Col. Shah Muhammad was very happy to have succeeded in cultivating his land and was indebted to my father. They would often meet and discuss about further improvisation in crop yield.

Decision of my Education

In one of their routine meetings, Col. Shah Muhammad enquired about me and about my education. My father was seemingly perplexed and told him that he was worried about the education of his son. He conceded that due to his service requirements he had to remain mostly away from his village and that was badly affecting the education of his son, and that he had absolutely no clue of how to address this problem which was on his nerves particularly when he was his only child. Col. Shah Muhammad advised my father to have me admitted in Cadet College Petaro. He explained to him that it was a boarding school where the children were trained properly in education, in sports and in all other spheres of life.

My father was quite convinced with the arguments of Col. Shah Muhammad but he was skeptical about my reaction to this idea of being isolated from family at such a tender age of just twelve years. Col. Shah Muhammad advised my father to send his son at his residence in Hyderabad and that he would convince his son to go to Petaro. His suggestion was agreed and subsequently, I was invited to meet the Colonel at his house in Hyderabad.

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