Shiba San Beach House

Shiba San Beach House
Shiba San Beach House

There is a small island off the coast of Okinawa called Shibashima. This is not it. Shiba San Beach House is about 30 km from Nago city, which is in the north east corner of Okinawa prefecture. The island is around 3 km long and 2km wide, with a population of around 300 people living on it. They have their own school and community center but no cars or internet access because it’s so remote from civilization! There are also 6 camp sites where you can pitch your own tent if you’re feeling adventurous or brave enough to spend several nights in an isolated place like this!a

Shiba san is a small island in the middle of Okinawa prefecture

Shiba san is a small island in the middle of Okinawa prefecture. It’s a small island, but it’s also in the middle of Okinawa prefecture! You can see it on Google Maps or something like that if you want to find out where it is exactly.

Not to be confused with Shiba San Beach House

It’s important to note that this Shiba San is not the same as the famous Shiba Island in Wakayama prefecture. That island is better known by locals as “Shibashima,” but if you plan on visiting it, please don’t make the mistake of going here instead!

While we’re talking about Japanese geography… In Okinawa Prefecture there are two islands named “Shibushi”: one is home to an airport and other infrastructure; the other is where our guesthouse sits on its own private beachfront property with Mediterranean-style villas overlooking crystal clear waters (and sometimes whales!).

The famous Shiba island has nothing to do with this one

Shiba island is a small island in the middle of Okinawa prefecture. It’s not to be confused with here, which is also called Shibashima by locals.

The Shiba san beach house is located on an island off the coast of Okinawa and was built in 1960 as part of a resort complex (it was one of two). The other building still stands but has been abandoned since 2008 due to frequent typhoons damaging its structures.

This Shiba is also called “Shibashima” by locals

The original name for Shibashima was “Shibayama” (or, in Japanese, しばやま). It is said that this name came from the fact that there was once a large hill on the island. The second character (山) means “mountain”. The first character can be read as either “shiba” or “takumi”; both mean “brilliant”.

However, locals call it by its current name instead: Shiba san Beach House! This may be because they are used to saying it this way now and don’t want to change their habit; also perhaps because they like how easy it sounds when spoken aloud?

How to get there to Shiba San beach house

You can visit Shiba San Beach House by boat, car, plane or train. If you are traveling by bus it is not recommended because the beach house is located in a remote area and there are no public roads leading to it.

If you want to go by bicycle then follow this route:1) You will have to take the highway N-1 towards Ibiza Town.2) Once in Ibiza Town take exit 7 towards Cala d’Hort.3) After about 1 km turn left onto Calle dels Balears (street signposted for Sant Carles de Peralta).4) After about 400m turn right onto Carrer de la Vinya.5) Follow this road until its end where there will be signs pointing down a dirt track leading into an olive grove.6) Follow these signs until they lead into another olive grove where there should be more signs pointing towards Shiba San Beach House


So, if you’re looking for a beach house in Okinawa Prefecture, then this might be the place for you. It’s not too far from Naha and all the other attractions on the island.

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