How Smartjail Mail Works

Smartjail mail is an secure online communication system for prisoners, inmates and detainees of correctional institutions. They use this platform to communicate with their family and friends. It is a very fast system for instant communication. Furthermore, it is free and easy to sign up on their website. It has a variety of services, such as telephone service, trust, electronic messaging, video visitation and photos. It is a super helpful tool that lets you share messages, photos and documents to your loved ones in jails.

SmartjailMail Login

The smartjail mail login allows you to easily sign into your email account from any PC or mobile device. Simply type in your username and password, and you’re on your way.

Log into your account to send mail to inmates.

The login page has a clean, uncluttered design that is intuitive for users of all levels to navigate.

Click here to open login page

smartjail mail login page
Smartjail Mail Login Page

How to create or sign up on Smart jail Mail App

Sign up for our service and have all your messages, photos and videos delivered directly to your jail inmate email account.

It is easy and free to create an account. One has to pick up a username and password and other personal information such as Name, Address, City, State, Date of Birth, etc. The person gets an email or text message to verify his account in real time. Once the account is created on smartmail app, the person can look for inmates, prisoners or detainees for free. sign up

Smart jail Mail App Services

Smart jail mail app is the most secure mail service that uses military grade encryption. It is also secure and safe to use. Smart jail mail app enables you to encrypt mail using secure servers. The mail that you will send in smartmail jail app will never leave the network of this secure emailing service.

It has a variety of services such as:

1. Telephone Service
2. Trust Deposits
3. Electronic Messaging
4. Video Visitation
5. Photos

Telephone Service on SmartJailMail:

SmartJail, management solution offers a full range of integrated telecommunications for inmates. The proven solutions enable your facility to become more efficient and secure in the way you communicate with inmates, such as with their families and friends.

How inmate Telephone service works on ?

The provision of phones continues to be an important service in correctional facilities, but with the changes taking place both in local government and the business sector due to the recession and financial cutbacks in budgets, governments at all levels are looking for more efficient ways to provide phone and other technology services, including inmate telephone service.
The prisoners can make calls from telephones kept in or near their housing places.

smartjail mail inmate communication

There are two ways by which these calls are billed, such as:

1. Pre-paid collect (PPC):

It helps to deposit funds to your account which has a particular telephone number. An inmate can call you in real time if you have funds on PPC account.
When you accept the call, you will have to pay for it from your PPC account.

2. Pin Debit Account:

An inmate can keep this account and use those funds to call any phone number allowed by the facility.

What is the difference between PPC and Pin Debit Account in SmartJailMail

PPC account is used to let any inmate call your phone. On the contrary, Pin Debit account is used to deposit funds so that an inmate can call anyone. However, there are some correctional facilities that do not allow either of the two accounts.

Trust Deposit in Smart Jail Mail App

It helps to make deposits for inmates. Trust deposits are done regularly in the accounts of inmates.

Steps to set up Trust Deposit on smart jail mail app

1. Sign up:

Create a free account with a username and password on smart mail website

2. Connect with inmates

One can look for inmates and prisoners and send them request. This can help them to connect with each other. After accepting request, one can transfer True Deposit in the account of the prisoner.

3. Make Trust Deposits:-

After making connection with an inmate, one may make the True Deposit. One must log in, select Trust from the services menu and select the inmate to receive the transfer. Next, enter the amount that one wishes to transfer to the inmate.

Electronic Messaging via SmartJailMail

The prisoners use this facility to communicate with their friends and families outside the jail. They can send and receive messages via computer kiosk or tablet in their institution. The recipient can open and read the message for free. The detainees pay just 50 cents for each message in real time. The person must first sign up and make connections on portal.

How to Get Smartjail Mail Free Credits?

Most question asked about this service is that how to get free credits on smartjailmail?

The answer is that you can get it by signing up on the portal for the credits. After you sign up, one can send and receive messages electronically. One can buy service credits using a debit or credit card. Your contacts can also ask you to transfer free credits to them so you can easily reply to them. It works like just sending an email but it is on official website. Messages are quickly delivered in real time but sometimes the correctional facility reviews it first.

How to do Video Visitation on smart mail jail

Video Visitation on smartmail jail can be used to talk on a remote video call directly with your loved ones within the jail. Some places have a lobby/kiosk to visit for free when scheduling a inmate visit for remote video visitation. Online inmate visit cost 50 cents per minute. First, the detainee must sign up, and make connections, then he can schedule a visit. However, visitors list is kept confidential after visitor visitation

Physical Visit

First you have to schedule a inmate visit on the person visitation section of the website. These on-site visits are free of charge. You need to fill up the date, time and duration of the visit also. Then press the “Confirm and Schedule Visit” button. On the day of visit, the Smart Mail will send you a text message or email reminder of your inmate visit with a QuickCode. Both parties need to log into their kiosk and the visit will begin. The inmate visit will go on for only a duration specified before.

Online Visit from home

You may schedule a video visitation on the person visitation section of the portal. It will cost you credits per minute and the credit cost per minute is different for different locations. First you must schedule a visit and specify the time and duration of it. This scheduled visit will be added to the list of scheduled visits on the website. On the day of inmate visit, the person must first log into his account. Then he can click on “Begin visit” to start his remote video visitation. After both parties are logged in, the inmate visit begins. It will end after the duration of the person visitation is completed and added in secretive visitors list.

Photo Delivery on SmartJailMail App

There is a one-way photo delivery service. The loved ones of the detainee can send him pictures for $1 each. For this, they must first sign up and make connections as stated previously. The next step is to purchase service credits through a website with a credit or debit card. One has to buy at least 500 credits where each credit costs 1 cent. After this, the person can send photos through the smartmail jail website. However, each photo is first checked by the facility staff and they can accept or reject it as they like. The facility refunds the credit of person if his photo is rejected. These photos are mailed faster than photos mailed through traditional postal mail.

Search an Inmate

After you activate your account, you can search an inmate by going to the official web. And, write down the required details and then submit it.

To search, provide the following details:

  1. Inmate’s / Detainee’s ID Number
  2. Partial name
  3. Date of birth

If you don’t know the about details, you can simply leave it blank.
Instead, you can search by simply providing first name and/or last name to find more details.

smartjailmail search an inmate

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