PNS Karsaz Swimming Pool

Karsaz Swimming Pool Karachi

We were having wonderful time and the management of Karsaz Karachi was providing all facilities to keep us in adventurous mood. My dormitory mate (late) Muhammad Idrees (kit no 366), asked me to accompany him to the swimming pool. I also thought that it would be fun as majority of our friends will also be there. Indeed, it was a nice place and well kept. Since I didn’t know swimming,

PNS Swimming Pool in Karachi

I entered the pool in an area having shallow depth of water, and those who could swim, were swimming in deep water. Our petty-officer Iqbal, was also there to look after us. As I saw him, I waved at him. He appeared to be in a good mood as usual, came towards me, held me up by my arm and pulled me out of the pool.

“Razzaq; I heard you had a bout of seasickness. How are you feeling now?”, he asked.

“Sir! I am feeling better today.”

Swimming in the Pool

While we were strolling alongside the pool, he abruptly pushed me in. I cannot describe the state in which I was, as I knew that I was thrown in the section of the pool having deep water and that I didn’t know swimming, and that these were the last moments of my life and that I will soon die. The next thing that I felt was that while I was going down, I was pushed by water upside. As soon as my head came out of water, I took a deep breath and struggling to keep afloat, I moved my arms and legs swiftly and I noticed that my faint struggle was keeping me afloat. 

Swimming Classes in Karachi

During the swimming classes, petty officer Iqbal extended his stick towards me which I grasped firmly and I saw that I was at the edge of pool and by holding my hand he took me out of the pool. I was furious at him and asked him:

“How could you do that to me sir?”

“Razzaq! Do you remember that you had been asking me to teach swimming to you?  And today I have taught you swimming and you are a swimmer now”.

“But sir! didn’t you notice that I was about to drown?”

“Not at all.  I was there to make sure that you were safe and sound.  And the next thing that I want to tell you is that you cannot learn swimming until you get into the water. And look!  you have learnt the first lesson of swimming today”.

Swimming Lesson and become a swimmer

On hearing this, my anger turned into excitement. Sir Iqbal now asked me to do it again so as to gain confidence, and he cautioned me not to breathe while being inside water. I repeated this a dozen times and each time I did it, I noticed that I was doing it more confidently and the movements of my arms and legs were getting into rhythm.  I was a swimmer now.  From that day on I got addicted to swimming and would do it every day till we were there in Karsaz. Upon our return to Petaro from Karachi, I had become a swimmer after attending swimming classes

Courses Offered By PNS Karsaz Swimming Pool

Weapon & Engineering Artificer/Chief Marine4 Months
Marine/Weapon Engineering Artificer13 Months
Leading Marine/Weapon& Engineering Mechanic13 Months
Unified Technical Training (ME)1.5 Year
Unified Technical Training (OPS)10 Months
Unified Technical Training (Aero-tech)6 Months
Unified Technical Training (Log & Med)4 Months
Olympus Trainer ModuleHalf Month
CIWS OperatorHalf Month
CIWS Maintenance1 Month
IFF Maintenance1.5 Months
Gyro MK-19 MaintenanceHalf Months
for Allied trainees4 Months
Chief Petty Officer PTI4 Months
Petty Officer PTI4 Months
Leading PTI8 Month
Basic PT Course9 Month
Introductory Sailors7 Days
Basic Sailors14 Days
Advance Sailors21 Days
Advance for SDCC candidates21 Days
Introductory Officers7 Days
Advance Officers1 Month
COs Designate2 day
HODs Designate1-3 day
for PN Fleet Ship’s companies7 Days
PNP U/T7 Days
GD Cadre Officers14 Days
Pak Marine Officers14 Days

Karsaz Swimming Pool Contact Number

Karsaz Swimming Pool Number is 021-34524137


The Swimming Pool Located at Karsaz Road Near Maritime Museum

Address: Faisal Cantonment Karsaz, Karachi, Pakistan

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