The haunted tavern a dark pop-up cocktail experience

The haunted tavern a dark pop-up cocktail experience
The haunted tavern a dark pop-up cocktail experience

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cocktail menu as terrifying as the offerings at The Haunted Tavern. This pop-up bar is the brainchild of London-based bartender Matt Whiley, whose idea was to take over a real pub and transform it into a haunted house for one night only. But this isn’t just any old haunted house: you can expect ghosts, bats, spiders and more! The haunted tavern a dark pop-up cocktail experience,. In fact, Seeing Spirits (the company behind this event) goes so far as to say that if you manage to get through all five courses of cocktails without screaming then they’ll give you your money back—they’re not messing around here!


Location: St. James’ Market, London.

Date: 7th-9th October 2019.

Time: 6pm-10pm (last entry 9pm).

Price: £40 per guest (includes a welcome drink on arrival, 2 cocktails and your own personal guide).

Number of guests: 8

Taken Over with the haunted tavern a dark pop-up cocktail experience

The Haunted Tavern, a Dark Pop-Up Cocktail Experience is back again this Halloween season.

The Haunted Tavern has become an annual tradition for many thrill seekers in the Pacific Northwest, so don’t miss it this year! The event will be held on October 26th at The Shelf (a bar near the Space Needle) in Seattle. This event is for 21+.


The haunted tavern is a dark pop-up cocktail experience that takes place in London. It’s a magical bar where the drinks are served by the ghosts of long dead bartenders and you can enjoy your favorite cocktail while listening to magical music or watching dancers perform on stage.

The best part? You’ll get to keep your own glass!

So, what’s next? Well, first you need to book tickets for this magical event (you can do so here). Once you have done that then make sure you bring enough money with you because these cocktails are not cheap!


The Haunted Tavern’s cocktail menu is divided into two parts: the house creation, and a list of signature cocktails.

The first category is where you’ll find the drinks that are inspired by the myths and folklore surrounding The Haunted Tavern. These include several variations on the Old Fashioned, including one called “El Diablo” (with tequila instead of bourbon), as well as a number of drink recipes that feature absinthe or absinthe bitters.

The haunted tavern a dark pop-up cocktail experience

The second category is filled with classic cocktails from all over the world, many of which were popularized in 19th century America during what has been dubbed “the golden age of cocktails”—a time when bartenders were competing to come up with new concoctions for drinkers at their bars (think early versions of today’s mixology competitions). This list includes drinks like the Manhattan (whiskey with vermouth and bitters), Gimlet (gin with lime juice), Sidecar (cognac or brandy with lemon juice) and Sazerac (whiskey mixed with Peychaud’s bitters).

If you’re looking for something other than alcohol-based beverages, there are also non-alcoholic options available at The Haunted Tavern including apple cider mocktails made from fresh apples combined with spiced syrup; root beer floats; sparkling seltzer water flavored with seasonal fruit syrups; kombucha tea made from fermented black tea leaves—and more!

Menu Brief

  • The menu is a cocktail list of 5 signature drinks, 4 garnishes, and 3 types of ice.
  • Each drink is served in a unique glass that matches the flavor profile. For example, the “Cherry Bomb” cocktail comes in a martini glass with a cherry on top and our signature house-made grenadine syrup drizzled down the side.
  • The ingredients are all fresh and seasonal so we can change up what’s available on any given night depending on what’s fresh at the market!

The haunted tavern a dark pop-up cocktail experience

The Haunted Tavern is a dark pop-up cocktail experience that has taken over the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London.

The creative team behind it is celebrating Halloween with a night of eerie entertainment, music and cocktails.

The venue will be transformed into a sinister ‘Haunted House’ with live musicians and performers throughout the evening.

A number of ghoulish touches have been added to ensure this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – so if you fancy being scared witless, this could well be your perfect night out!


I hope that you can see why we’re so excited to bring this experience to you. It’s not just something that we think is going to be fun and exciting, but something that will also give you an opportunity to connect with your friends and family in a new way. We want everyone who comes through our doors to leave having had the time of their lives!

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